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Pump up the volume, pump up the volume: LIPS! CHEEKS!

I bet many of you recognize the lyrics from the popular song, and no I know those are NOT the correct lyrics but I can’t help singing this song in my head. Over the last few weeks I have done more lip and cheek filler than normal, and I am always amazed at the difference even one syringe of filler can bring to one’s overall appearance.

As we approach the summer season where we all want to look our best and “glam up” – don’t forget your lips and cheeks! Aesthetic injectable or filler can become our new best friend.

But first, before we delve into the solution, let’s talk about the reason for fillers. As we age we lose our fat deposits in our face, and this makes our lips thin and cheeks deflate. Yes, I guess there is an occasional disadvantage to losing fat. When we once admired our high cheekbones and lush, full lips – we now look in the mirror and see a sagging face and thinner, more dehydrated looking lips. We may notice that our lipstick just doesn’t look as good anymore. If you are noticing more
lines, that seem to clump the lipstick, lip filler may definitely be something you should consider.

botox fillers before and after - Pump Up the Volume!

Aesthetic injectable or filler is made of hyaluronic acid – which we already have present in our face. By adding filler to plump our lips and cheeks, we not only add volume but with the additional hyaluronic acid, we are drawing more fluid to the areas that need the moisture.

As our cheeks sag or thin, we lose definition in our face. We may definitely notice more prominent lines around our nose, mouth, and lips. By adding filler to the areas in the cheek and mid-face, it can act like a tent pole to pull your face up a bit.
Simply adding volume and drawing more moisture to this area can soften the lines around our nose and lips. This actually can “fill out” the face.

Lip rejuvenation of today isn’t the dramatic and sometimes shocking enhancements we remember seeing on movie stars ten plus years ago. Lip enhancements can be done to gently fill in volume loss, enhance the Cupid’s bow, and make the lips smoother and appear more hydrated. Of course lips can also be more dramatic and full for the person who wants a more glamorous lip line.

So call us today to schedule your appointment to get the glam up you’ve dreamed of. Bring on the new year with your own special sparkle.

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