Houston Office Manager.

Mimi Stone

Mimi Stone is the Office Manager at our hormone therapy and aesthetics clinic in Houston, TX. She works with our patients to help them improve their health, look better, and look and feel younger. Her specialties include bioidentical hormone therapy and hormone treatments, nutritional supplements and diet, and aesthetics.

After turning 40 years old Mimi struggled with her hormones on a weekly basis. She became passionate about a solution and over a period of seven years she saw six different hormone doctors in Houston. It was the last doctor…Dr. Marco Uribe, that made all the difference and through his program at AB Hormone she got her life back in balance.

Mimi has continued to pursue her passion by bringing AB Hormone Therapy to Houston.
She has been in Houston for 28 years. She enjoys weekends at the lake with her family, traveling, movies and workouts at the gym.

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Mimi Stone e1498245749574 - Houston Office Manager

Mimi Stone

Houston Office Manager

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Email: mimi@abhormonetherapy.com
Phone: (713) 360-6959

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