• Lindsey headshot - The "Feel Good" hormone!  Lindsey Blaha, PA

    The “Feel Good” hormone! Lindsey Blaha, PA

    Progesterone is vital to our wellbeing.  It’s our “Feel Good” hormone! Naturally produced by our body, we begin to decrease production of all of our hormones as we age.  Progesterone is one of the first hormones we stop producing.   Common symptoms associated with Progesterone Deficiency may include: Difficulty sleeping Irritability Anxiety Loss of libido

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  • Probiotics Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right 670x446 - The "Feel Good" hormone!  Lindsey Blaha, PA

    Probiotics:  Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right….

    Probiotics: Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right by Karen Zizzo, NP Finding the right probiotic is very important.  Diversity is key here.  It’s hard to believe that the gut of a human has over 10,000 different types of bacteria, isn’t it?  It may be even harder to believe that the majority of these strains actually benefit

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  • What Health Supplements are Vital for Optimal Health 670x446 - The "Feel Good" hormone!  Lindsey Blaha, PA

    What Health Supplements are Vital for Optimal Health?

    So many are people are confused about health supplements because there’s so much conflicting information in the media. The truth is that supplements are vital to good health. Each of us require nutrients in order to function properly; vitamins and minerals are the essential elements that facilitate every chemical reaction in our body. For example,

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  • Is BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You?

        Oprah is opening a national conversation about hormone replacement therapy.  Is BioIdentical hormone therapy right for you? “This is about your hormones being out of whack, and you don’t even know—we haven’t had a language to talk about it yet,” Oprah says. There are millions of women across the U.S. going about their

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  • Benefits of Estrogen Therapy 670x446 - The "Feel Good" hormone!  Lindsey Blaha, PA

    3 Benefits of Estrogen Therapy

    Unfortunately, the term “estrogen therapy” has been linked with health risks, but it is important to note that the major risks associated with estrogen therapy were much different based on age. In addition synthetic estrogen was used, and used without progesterone. AB Hormone Therapy does not use synthetic hormones. Our bioidentical hormones are comprised of

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