Oprah is opening a national conversation about hormone replacement therapy.  Is BioIdentical hormone therapy right for you? “This is about your hormones being out of whack, and you don’t even know—we haven’t had a language to talk about it yet,” Oprah says. There are millions of women across the U.S. going about their daily lives feeling out of sorts.  According to Oprah, symptoms include:

  • Feeling flat
  • Feeling tired
  • Not having had a good night’s sleep
  • Going through the motions
  • Feeling fatigue and stressed
  • Feeling like your life force has been sucked out of you

The February issue of O, The Oprah Magazine delves into the root of this problem and possible fixes. The article examines women with similar experiences to Oprah, and explains the two types of hormone replacement therapy: bioidentical and synthetic. Dr. Christine Northrup, author of The Wisdom of Menopause explains that a bioidentical hormone is something that “matches exactly the molecular structure of the hormone that your own body produces.” She says that the more conventional approach for treatment are synthetic hormones made from horse urine “which doesn’t match anything like your body’s natural progesterone. It has completely different effects.”

Oprah says she will continue to talk about hormone replacement therapy and urges women to talk to their doctors and take responsibility for their own health. Her advice is to start researching today—get all the information you need on hormone replacement therapy. ‘’If you’re a woman who’s planning to live past the age of 35, at some point you’re going to face hormone imbalance,” Oprah says. “All women need to be armed with this information.”



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