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Let’s face it. Periods aren’t fun. If yours are especially bad, you may have even been looking forward to menopause!  Of course, the symptoms of menopause aren’t fun either. You know you can take hormone therapy to alleviate these symptoms, but what will that mean for you? Fortunately, you’ve got nothing to worry about. No amount of hormone therapy will make periods last forever. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Your period will eventually stop, no matter what. 

HRT can’t prevent your period from ending because it can’t prevent you from running out of eggs. Ovulation triggers periods, not hormone levels.

However, HRT may ensure you continue to have regular periods until they stop altogether. Menopause tends to throw cycles out of whack, causing wild fluctuations in the frequency and severity of period bleeding. 

These fluctuations can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, making HRT a great choice.

If you’ve already stopped bleeding, HRT shouldn’t make you start again.

When it happens, we call it “breakthrough” bleeding. 

We can adjust hormone levels to stop breakthrough bleeding while continuing to alleviate other symptoms of aging. Breakthrough bleeding is most likely when you first begin an HRT regimen and may continue for three to six months. Usually, we see spotting, not full-on periods.

In fact, it’s usually necessary to adjust hormone levels occasionally because your body will continue to change as you age. 

If you’re still getting your periods, bleeding may change while you’re on HRT.

Bleeding may become lighter or heavier, shorter or longer. 

Bleeding will settle into a new pattern within six months or so. If the new pattern is distressing to you, then you can discuss adjusting your hormone levels.

If reducing the pain and frequency of your periods is one of your goals, let us know. HRT may be used to regulate bleeding during certain stages of your life. 

Keeping a Diary is Helpful

It can be helpful to keep a diary of what’s going on with your period so that your provider has accurate information they can use to optimize your hormone levels. 

Track the frequency, severity, and nature of your periods while on HRT up until they stop altogether. 

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