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Men- have you ever thought that it was just part of the aging process or a normal rite of passage to “not feel as good as you used to?”

Energy levels are usually a big marker that men will base their sense of wellbeing around.  A declining energy level is one of the first things men will notice as hormone levels change.

Many men will complain of feeling exhausted all the time- even after a normal night of 7-8 hours of sleep.  Often men will complain of hitting a wall in the afternoon and begin taking daily naps in the middle of the day.  Nodding off while watching a TV program or sitting in a comfy chair becomes all too common.

Sleep can definitely become altered with declining hormone levels.  What used to be the envy of everyone by the ability to fall asleep when your head hits the pillow, now becomes a curse as you lay awake unable to fall asleep.  If you are lucky enough to fall asleep, you may find yourself waking up several times per night – either to go to the bathroom or ruminate on the problems of the world.

A man’s mood or demeanor may also be affected.  Many of my male patients will tell me that they just don’t have any drive anymore.  They also complain of not having a desire to do anything or go anywhere.  Men-have your wives or partners ever complained that you just have become too much of a homebody?  A depressed mood, or increase in irritability is all too common for men with declining hormone levels.  This change in mood or agitation often times becomes more of a problem for family members who you are around on a daily basis.  If your wife begins telling you to “go find your smile” or “stop being so sensitive”- this may be a big clue that your hormone levels need to be evaluated.

Exercise and working out can begin to lessen or lose effectiveness.  A common complaint I hear from men is that no matter how much I work out or how carefully they eat, they can’t seem to build muscle or lose the tire around the middle.  The inability to recover after workouts or total exhaustion versus being more energized after workouts is a common plan.

Lastly, the sensitive topic that seems to be top of the list for many men’s- erectile dysfunction or just basically disinterest in sex, now becomes number one complaint on your list.  Erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction can range from inability to achieve an erection, maintain an erection, having only a semi- erection, or inability to achieve an orgasm.  Whether it is one of these, or all of these, it is too many for most men and unfortunately not an uncommon complaint.  If your partners complain that you seem never interested in sex anymore, or if you find you would rather watch documentaries on Alaskan wilderness then head to the bedroom at night, this is probably a big indicator of hormone dysfunction.

So what are you waiting for?  Come in and get your hormones checked out!  You have nothing to lose and a whole lot of life to get back.  Get back to feeling yourself again!

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