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    Men and testosterone

    Men- have you ever thought that it was just part of the aging process or a normal rite of passage to “not feel as good as you used to?” Energy levels are usually a big marker that men will base their sense of wellbeing around.  A declining energy level is one of the first things

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    Why Should I Take A Desiccated Thyroid Or Compounded Thyroid?

    Why should I take a desiccated thyroid or compounded thyroid instead of Synthroid? To answer this question it is important to explain the difference between T4 and T3. T4 is a prohormone. When a patient is given a medication that contains only T4- such as Synthroid, Levoxyl, Levothyroixine, Tirosint- the practitioner is hoping that the

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    Do You Have Candida Overgrowth?

    Candida albicans is a fungus, which is a form of yeast. Candida is a part of the gut flora, a group of microorganisms that live in the mouth and intestine. When the Candida population starts getting out of control it weakens the intestinal wall, penetrating through into the bloodstream (leaky gut) and releasing its toxic

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    Where Did This Come From? Imbalanced Hormones and Belly Fat

    If I were to rank the top three complaints that my female patients in their 40’s and 50’s report- increased belly fat is consistently either #1, #2, or #3.    Women who throughout their life were pear shaped (and were not excited about that comparison), have now transformed into the “apple”.  Where hips, thighs, and buttocks

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    What are Bioidentical Hormones?

    Bioidentical hormones are identical in chemical structure to hormones naturally produced by the body. They are derived from plant tissues and scientifically engineered to match human hormones, molecule for molecule; we refer to them as “natural” because they are natural to the human body. Unlike bioidentical hormones, synthetic hormones have a structure that is similar

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    The “Feel Good” hormone! Lindsey Blaha, PA

    Progesterone is vital to our wellbeing.  It’s our “Feel Good” hormone! Naturally produced by our body, we begin to decrease production of all of our hormones as we age.  Progesterone is one of the first hormones we stop producing.   Common symptoms associated with Progesterone Deficiency may include: Difficulty sleeping Irritability Anxiety Loss of libido

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    Berbemycin For Diabetes and Digestive Problems

    Berbemycin is a plant alkaloid that naturally addresses diabetes and digestive problems. It was first used in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda medicine and has been proven to have many pharmacological effects including anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and blood glucose-lowering effects.  Berbemycin naturally improves blood sugar balance, it improves the microbiome, it can heal the gut and digestive disorders

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    Eating To Balance Your Hormones

    Eating to balance your hormones. It’s possible to reestablish harmony in our hormones and alleviate the symptoms related to a hormonal imbalance by doing one simple thing: change our diet. Having a diet high in good fats balanced with fiber intake and generally low in cholesterol, sugar, salt,  and caffeine has been linked to better

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    Go For The Green!

    Skip the red sauce and go for the green! The discovery of tomatillos fighting cancer has fit foodies reaching for the green sauce. A scientist by the name of Barbara Timmerman at the University of Kansas, recently discovered a set of naturally occurring phytochemical compounds called withanolides in tomatillos. The withanolides are not only antibacterial, but

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    Would you like a cherry tomato on top? Roasted Garlic Tomato Recipe by Missdiagnosed

    Would you like a cherry tomato on top? Did you know that ten cherry tomatoes have almost as much potassium as a medium banana?  Eating potassium-rich foods lowers blood pressure and increases your body’s ability to excrete sodium improving your overall heart health.  Cherry tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C and other antioxidants.

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