mg - Craving chocolate?? Not sure why? There may be a reason!

Karen’s Corner: Craving chocolate??

Often, we just assume that feeling tired, bloated, mentally foggy is just part of the aging process. I hear every day a myriad of symptoms that people casually just chalk up to “guess just part of getting older.” What if simply supplementing missing nutrients or minerals may alleviate these complaints? No prescriptions- just good old-fashioned vitamin supplementation!

A Magnesium deficiency can affect so many aspects of our life. In food we get our source of magnesium through green leafy vegetables, beans, brown rice, almonds, and yes, dark chocolate- to name a few. Can you imagine how many of our youth are walking into a magnesium deficiency? Does your teen eat these foods?? Mine sure doesn’t. Well, maybe the chocolate he does. There are so many common complaints that can be improved by getting our magnesium levels more up to par.

  1. Depression- magnesium plays a role with the neurotransmitter serotonin.
  2. Insomnia- magnesium is involved with the production of GABA- the neurotransmitter that helps us to relax and calm down to get restful sleep.
  3. Headaches- magnesium helps with hormone regulation and muscle contractions- both may affect headaches.
  4. Fatigue- magnesium is involved in producing Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) – which is involved in creating energy within our bodies
  5. Acne, Eczema, Rash- magnesium helps reduce inflammation and helps regulate how we absorb Vitamin D, which is also very important for skin health.
  6. Irregular heart beat- magnesium is involved with transport of calcium into the cells which, if either of these are deficient- may lead to arrhythmias.
  7. Eye twitches, restless legs, muscle cramps- again, involved with the calcium/magnesium balance in our cells.
  8. And lastly, craving chocolate- if we simply can’t get the thought of a piece of chocolate melting in our mouth, it may mean we have a magnesium deficiency.

craving 300x166 - Craving chocolate?? Not sure why? There may be a reason!Ok, so you have looked at the above list, and may identify with some of the above. Are you ready to try and replenish your magnesium level? For those of you who suffer with gastro intestinal complaints with supplementation of magnesium – it’s not called “milk of magnesia” for nothing- you can also utilize magnesium cream. This way, it can be absorbed and bypass the gut entirely.

So, get out the almonds, and even some dark chocolate to snack on. Be encouraged to eat more foods with magnesium.

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