• DECEMBER 16, 2016
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    Aesthetics: A Gentle Alternative To Fighting The Signs Of Aging

    How many times have you watched TV and critiqued the movie stars who have had “an abundance” of cosmetic procedures and interventions? Their lips look similar to Jessica Rabbit’s, their cheeks are high enough to hold a drink, and their foreheads are shiny and tight. And don’t forget those eyebrows – high enough to make

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    • MARCH 13, 2014
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    3 Benefits of Estrogen Therapy

    Unfortunately, the term “estrogen therapy” has been linked with health risks, but it is important to note that the major risks associated with estrogen therapy were much different based on age. In addition synthetic estrogen was used, and used without progesterone. AB Hormone Therapy does not use synthetic hormones. Our bioidentical hormones are comprised of

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